Hi, I’m Kim and this is my dog, Milena.


Kim Capehart, CPT/Canine Behaviorist

Kim has loved dogs since she was a child. Her dad always had dogs and she gravitated toward the other dogs in her neighborhood. The first dog she owned as an adult was a Sheltie named Paddy. Despite the fact that, at that time in her life, she had never received any formal instruction on how to train a dog, Kim trained Paddy herself. She relied on her strong instinct, her dedication, and her attentive care to help her figure things out.

When Kim bought her first house, she drove to Indianapolis to pick up another Sheltie, Paddy II. Now that she had her own home, Kim had the means to fully express her love for dogs. In September of 1997, she rescued her first Aussie, Annie, and quickly fell in love with the breed. Since then, Kim has been involved in rescue, either as a foster or a transporter. She also enjoys rehabilitating dogs turned into shelters for behavior issues so they can be adopted.

As a dog trainer, Kim hopes to teach her (human) clients how to think like their dogs so they can better understand and meet their dog’s needs. Kim has the goal of continuing her education in order to train autism, diabetic alert, and PTSD service dogs.

Kim tries everyday to “follow her bliss.” She does that through loving on her five dogs, her two grown daughters, and her two grandchildren. In her free time, she also enjoys riding horses and Harleys.

National K9 School for Dog Trainers Certification - April 2017
Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation Program Graduate - 2019
Aggression in Dogs - Safety Defensive Handling and Training - 2019
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
Pet First Aid/CPR Certified

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